Governing Inclusive Green Economy in Africa


Governing Inclusive Green Economy in Africa

This UK Research Council funded Network project undertook critical foundational research activity to guide UK Government’s future funding on governing green economy in Africa. The project also aims to explore how African governments, the civil society, and international development partners can work together to create equitable paths to green economy sustainable transformation in Africa in the face of climate change and other environmental challenges. The three case study countries were Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The full report of the project which combines findings on the inventory of green growth policies and initiatives in five African countries with those of capacity gap assessment for green growth transition in Africa. The report also goes into more depth on the five interconnected key areas of challenge (the ‘Five “I”s’) where substantial research is needed to better understand the current state, dynamics, prospects and limits of green growth governance in Africa. Please visit the webpage Governing Inclusive Green Growth in Africa for more information.


Governing Inclusive Green Growth in Africa Key Research Challenges and Agenda


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